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This is how we do…Sydney.


G’day mate, ever wondered how the world at large live fabulously in small spaces.  No? Well now you have and you can’t get it outta your head like Kylie, circa 2004.

The low down and the low low down of living small down under.


The locals call it ‘The Lucky Country,’ Let’s have a Captain Cook look at some unit’s in one of the world’s greatest cities, Sydney. It’s obvious right? It has nothing to do with there being 100 beaches or that many locals call you”darling”… I’m already smitten.

This cozy little number with it’s grrr manly panelling is so lumberjack it should be in Canada.  Look at that wood burner. Woof.


Photo Credit:

This next beaut is Haines House and it’s located in the inner city Sydney suburb of Newtown, in an area that is steadily displaying evidence of gentrification in the general upgrade of the surrounding urban fabric. The immediate context is comprised of predominantly single storey attached and semi-detached residences with intermittent 2 storey dwellings and 3 to 4 storey apartment blocks.

Fair dinkum, it’s true success is how relates to it’s surroundings; opening to the garden without the spaces jarring or fighting for dominance.


Photo Credit: Architzer

So what ya waiting for? Throw the shrimp on the barbie… be round this arvo!


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