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Small Apple. Spaces in NYC.

Living in one of New York Cities boroughs is all but a dream for many. It’s off to Manhattan darlings if you win it big. Now, we mustn’t have favourites that’s what my mother always told me but Manhattan is everything to a boy like me, even the gals oft forgotten neighborhood friends are now taking their place in the spotlight, becoming all Nouveau Riche. Them Girls’ are all grown up.

Manhattan – won’t even bother $$$$$

Brooklyn – the most populous of New York Cities five boroughs and the borough that is too darn cool for school. This small loft oozes chicness. This staircase in the middle of a little urban loft looks so inviting and beautiful – the careful placement of those books – love it. I bet they’re all C.S Lewis, F.Scott Fitzgerald,Harper Lee, Virginia Woolf and the rest of that 20th century lot . When’s my invite?


Queens – not only home to the Mets but this awesome space. In its standard configuration, the main living space is perfectly accommodating for a pair lounging millennials at home. The exposed brick roots the home firmly in its post-war, repurposed building whilst the dark wooden floors  brings a modern edge of sophistication.


Harlam – no not the shake or the globetrotters but this little bijou beauty. Shoe-box living doesn’t have to equate dark rooms, cramped tiny closets, and kitchens that double as bathrooms and a spare bedroom. In Harlem there’s still a lot more acreage for your hard earned dollar bills, we’ve pretty much seen it all  — but the most surprising of all is when a teeny apartment actually manages to use its size to its fullest. Brava!


Staten Island – I have no idea where on earth this place is.  Nor should you care. Sorry for people that live in Staten Island. Move to Brooklyn already.



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