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Small Space Designers. Takao Shiotsuka ATELIER

I have a huge heart on for small space architects and Japanese design. Especially this dude.

Takao Shiotsuka of Takao Shitosuka Atelier.  A designer with the gift to deliver some of the most exiting, inspiring and damn well funky architecture that I’ve ever seen.

A Japanese architect born in 1965. His style is often influenced by minimalism.

Cool calm and collected (is there any other adjective to describe him?) Takao took on one of his latest commissions back in Japan called ‘Cloud House’. The overall volume of the house is simple yet distinct enough to it’s neighbours in it’s exterior expression. It doesn’t scream or shout but calmly and patiently waits. Running through the middle of the layout is a passageway that tapers inwards in a funnel-like fashion that opens up to a myriad of uniquely designed spaces.

cloudy03.jpgcloudy01.jpgcloudy06.jpgcloudy11.jpgPhoto Credit: Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

Architecture is circulation, and nothing else. This is architecture. Effortlessly simple.





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