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This is how we do. Small. Tokyo

In a new weekly review I will cover how we do small in cities around the world.  This is how we do. Small. Tokyo.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 8.11.03 PM.png

Photo Credit: Takao Shiotsuka

For me personally, an architect, designing small homes suggests  a new direction in the relationship between people and the environment, and, on a wider scale, the future of the home. The small house is, in a sense, an experiment that permits us to pursue the creation of a complementary relationship with our surroundings.


Photo Credit: Fuse Atelier


Photo Credit: Junpei Architects

Conceptually, these are just so incredibly awesome. Functionally, I can’t help thinking I would be INCREDIBLY cramped in such a space and I do small very well.

Makes you think, though, about what sort of minimalist efficiency and comfort one could get out of modest suburban/near-urban acreage with a few stories and functionally integrated design.

Keep thinking.


2 thoughts on “This is how we do. Small. Tokyo

  1. Lovely! When I was in Japan their used to be a show on TV where the hosts were challenged to find the cheapest rent you could find in a given area, I remember seeing some really creative small space living in that show. Japan is definitely doing this right!


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