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Smart Storage. Get the solution.

Innovative storage for small space living.

Have you ever moved into an apartment or condo and found out that there was no storage space available? “What, you said it came with a locker,” I hear you cry.

How about a storage cube? If the height of your room allows make it a triple threat by adding a loft bed at the top? This unique storage idea allows for plenty of space for your many hipster shirts, jeans and countless beanies. Less not forget all that room for the vans. Result!

Storage Club  Storage Club

Photo Credit: Compact 6

Work around your existing furniture by adding smart storage. Think beautiful crafted furniture. These knock out solutions are beautiful in their own right and don’t look utilitarian like a lot of those cheap storage blocks. Yuck!

.Khym  huisjevanhout

Photo Credit: Khym and Huisjevanhout

Some condos really have some crazy odd layouts and some spaces can look like a developers afterthought and a dwellers nightmare. What do you do with that awkward little alcove? If you have a sad small area like me that isn’t big enough for anything and has become the spot where the dyson vacuum cleaner lives then think about switching things up and building a unique storage unit to fit the space.  This solution is practical and if incorporating doors the contents can be hidden from view when not in use. One more point to you. Brilliant!

Home To Home 1  Hidden Storage

Photo Credit: Home to Home and Dwell

Finally if space allows think about utilizing all that empty space around the tv. It’s really easy to find built in solutions that can provide for lots of extra storage and looks slick. Unleash hell at Ikea. Go on.

ckdn tumblr  Style at home

Photo Credit: CKDN and Style at Home


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