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Kitchen Smart.

Like most condo dwellers one of our biggest challenges is the small kitchen.

Ever tried to do two things at once and almost killed yourself tripping over the cat food whilst trying to drain the pasta colander into the sink? Stop smirking kittens. I have… and it wasn’t pretty.

Time to think minimal. Clear the work surfaces and keep things uber tidy.

Minimal kitchen

Photo Credit: Oak Tree Life.

Think efficiencies. Organize your available cupboard space more efficiently. Heavy items that have bulk should be kept below and lighter and harder to reach items on the top.  If you don’t use it that often think about removing it into your storage locker until you need it. A simple rack on the wall to hang cooking equipment and other utensils can give you much needed space back for groceries.

Storage solutions  storage wall

Photo Credit: House To Home and Digs Digs.


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