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Shrink. Modular living.

Apartments and condominium units are not getting any bigger. In fact darlings they are shrinking just like that H&M sweater I accidentally put on a hot wash cycle – I still cry into my cab sav about it. With 600 square feet becoming the new normal, now, how can we transform our spaces when there is no space?

Ikea one of my Swedish friends, whom has an unusually curious appetite for meatballs, hotdogs and ice cream may have the solution to our spatially challenged needs. This will break the internet. Well mine anyway…

Modular Living 

Movable panels within a space to create greater flexibility.

Ikea is definitely onto something; modular living. The reconfiguration of our space incorporating moving walls and adaptable power points allows for more flexibility for our growing needs in small spaces. Turning a studio unit into multiple use zones. Want a bedroom? You gotcha… slide the movable wall in the living space into place… you’ve just build a bedroom, boom! You didn’t even have to call in that favour from Mike Holmes to get the job done either. Amazing!

5to1-012 5to1-016

(Image credits: Alan Tansey for MKCA)

The flat pack gods have been developing this idea over the past 2 years. Secretly renovating an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. It will definitely be interesting to see how this develops and if it comes to market. Once this officially becomes well, offical and christened by the little baby jesus it will be given a cool Swedish product name like Strapats, Sprutt or Fjalla. Can’t wait!

Until this bad boy with no name comes to market how can we create our own flexible spaces?

Room dividers, curtains or partition walls; call it what you like. What this provides is privacy. Above everything else privacy is the number one reason why small spaces don’t work for some and I have a major hate on for it. Small spaces can work – you just have to think smarter.

Manage your space and learn to control it. Area rugs help define the space. An 8′ by 10′ rug or whatever size you need helps to define the zone and you can build your furniture layout around it.


Room dividers can create a room out of nowhere. Modern designed dividers can create functionality and provides that much needed privacy – they also double duty and can incorporate storage, fireplaces or a space to hang the TV.

room divider

If you don’t have the dollar bills to Nate Burkas your space a quick and relatively ghetto economic way to create the same end result would be to install a curtain divider.  Think light fabrics to create a sense of space or if you intend on creating a private retreat then blackout (no not Britney Spears horrendous come back album) to create a sense of intimacy and drama.


Room dividers, curtain ideas, area rugs and partition walls are creative ways to add functionality and style to any small space. Similarly storage furniture, shelving units and bookcases can zone your space and give you your space back.

Room dividers are great for small spaces but equally work in larger homes. Dividers enhance any room and add a creative and attractive element to your space.


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