Small Space Living / Tips and Tricks

Tips, Strategies, and Ideas for Small Space Living.

You can achieve greatness, you can achieve small space living! Said, well, me, now, 600onthe26th.  I like so many thousands of young lovely things live in the downtown of Toronto in one of those big shinny glass boxes in the sky. The 26th floor to be exact, with all of 600 square feet to do as I please. I’ll be dropping in regularly to offer advice on the difficult realities and the many challenges of living small, smartly. All gratis. Now aren’t you a lucky rabbit.

Here is my list of tips, ticks (not that kinda tick) and ideas on small space living. Everyone has a bit of a different take on coping with small spaces: it’s not about getting rid. No, it’s all about thinking about you, your space and how to organize both into it. Wait, it’s all about storing your stuff! No, that’s what public storage and u-haul is for. Pick and choose what works best for you, but check out some of my besties;

  • Build shelves, shelves, shelves, and some more shelves, above other furniture, and shelves above doorways. Did I say shelves? You get the idea.
  • Get rid, if you don’t need it. Say hello, wave goodbye… goodbye… walk away, I said walk away! If you don’t love it. Dump it.
  • Create a sense of space, open up and let the light shine through. Alright,  alright, it’s really all bright!
  • If you bring something into your home, then something else has to go. It’s my “In, Out” policy. No I’m not talking closets dear!
  • Don’t go crazy, you ain’t a Kardashian and you most likely don’t have the budget to be one either. Take great care, focus on quality items that will stand the test of time. Your food mixer should last longer than Kanye, OK! Be frugal and look for sales, or deep breathe, save up. Just make sure when you do fall in love, the space is going to love it back – it should fit your space perfectly.
  • Use mirrors, lots of them. It will make your space look bigger and make you feel better. Em, stop checking yourself. Your so pretty.
  • Hidden storage capabilities. When you gotta hide someone real fast.
  • Small, small, small. Yes the deluxe two door fridge freezer with build in was all kinda dope in the store, yes I want one too, but it’s not happening, it was never going to fit your space and now you have a grumpy delivery person at your door to deal with. Check it! Choose practical appliances and other household items that will fit your space.
  • Learn to cook, contrary to my other-half, Kraft Dinner is not cooking. Use the oven and stove top.  I’ve lived without a microwave for over 4 years. There really is no need and the extra space will be welcome.
  • Hang whatever you can on hooks, not the children, or the cats, that’s kinda creepy. It’s cheap, won’t take up a ton of space, and keeps your prep space and floor area clutter free.
  • The only time I would ever sanction maxing out a credit card would be on storage built ins from Ikea. Those things should have their own area code. Fabulous!!
  • If you can’t be consistent in life, at least be consistent with your homes colour scheme. Small spaces look even smaller when you start to cut up and dissect the space with different coloured themes. When in doubt opt for neutral colours. If you really have to you can always add hot magenta or tangerine orange (but I would advise not to) as a accent colour through fabric or accessories, just not on the walls dear. My eyes will bleed.
  • If a particular spot seems to attract clutter, no I’m not talking about your significant other. Devise a solution to contain it.
  • Transformers, furniture in disguise. Multi purpose furniture is practical. Think sofa beds, or storage cubes that can double up as seats.
  • My husband keeps bothering me about getting a turn table, I digress, if I keep ignoring him maybe he will go away. What would we do with all that vinyl? Shudder. Where will it go? Alongside the dusty DVD and CD collection that I’ve been secretly dropping down at the local BMW incognito. I wonder if he suspects? It’s madness. Online music? Get with it already!
  • Put anything you don’t use daily in a storage container. Pretty simples.
  • When you finish a book, immediately get it out of the house or burn it. Whatever is easier. Or better still, one word ‘Kindle’.
  • If you’re a collector of junk, rotate your junk in order to keep visual clutter to a minimum.
  • Like so many of us that call Toronto home, we live in condominiums.  If you have a balcony. Use it.  Think of it as an extra room in your home, you’ve paid for it. It shouldn’t be an after thought and most certainly should not be used for storage – that drives me bat poop crazy, when all I can see is nothing but junk on those glass balustrade balconies. Get out there, decorate, potter with plants or just chill out with a glass of wine and enjoy.

Living in 600 square feet can be a challenge.  I can tell you, once you find the layout that works for you the space will open up, you will start to feel more relaxed and calmer, the clutter in your brain will dissipate, you will start to think clearer and you will start to enjoy living in your space.  Always think practically and be smart, how do you currently live in your space and how do you want to live, whats important for you and your home, then plan in a way that works for you.


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