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One Room Living: Small can be.

In my 7 years in Toronto (no itch yet) I have lived in four unique and individual neighbourhoods; Roncevalles, Forest Hill Village, Queens Quay and The Village. One of them was a 1100 square feet apartment – a time I refer to as the good old days. I don’t like to think about it much these days. Too bad, so sad. Moving on… I have lived in my current place the longest, yet it is the smallest.

If you already live, breathe and eat small space living then you deserve my condolences congratulations. Step forward and show pride in your awesome space. For those of you not yet graduated to the realities of city living, I’m thinking of you. Really, I am. Why should you consider living in a one room space? Prepare for an education.

Saves Money. Downsizing = monetizing. More dollar for you and yo’ things.

You can live in much more interesting parts of the city when you consider downsizing. Smaller units are more affordable – come on start to live a little. I mean, who wants a big house backing out onto the green belt anyway when you can live in some of the coolest neighbourhoods with the best food (praise the little baby jesus, Burger Priest), bars and culture, besides who doesn’t want a Starbucks fix every 100 yards? Hello, girlfriend in a coma, wake up and sign the lease already.  

It can be so annoying when you get all cozy with your man and you realize you left your vodka cranberry in the other room, with studio living you won’t have to walk a kilometre across the entire house to go fetch it. You can usually just stretch yourself and grab it. Win Win.

No guest room = no annoying guests. Self explanatory. Best excuse ever!

You won’t have to clean your space so much, if you hate cleaning like me and haven’t reached the levels of fame deserving of help then you will appreciate how quickly a swiffer can mop 600 square feet. So easy. Same applies to other cleaning duties from dishes to laundry. You won’t have the space for a walk-in wardrobe so you’ll be forced to keep less clothes.

Cooking, cleaning, watching the latest favourite episode can all be done without moving. How cool is that? Go go gadget arms. You’ll be a multi-task king or queen in no time.

“Love is real, real is love.” A quote by John Lennon. Choose only what you really love because nothing else will fit. Choose simple and compact designs, no extras, no fluff…Perfect.

Never known to be negative. Who me? The reality is you only have one room… un, uno, ein… you get my point. One room, so you won’t be able to buy every piece of furniture you love, which saves you dollar bills.

If you live in a small space and think it’s cool? Share your creative ways… Feel free to hit up (no, not me) the comment section following.


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